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Thomson CompuMark enables trademark professionals worldwide to launch, expand and protect strong brands through unmatched global content, innovative tools, industry-leading expertise, and best-in-class service. That’s why 9 out of 10 of the world’s most valuable brands choose us as their trademark clearance and protection partner.

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Save time and money by assessing the viability of proposed trademarks early in the process with online "knockout” screening of the largest collection of trademark information. Learn More »

Full Search

Get the comprehensive information you need to assess the availability of your proposed trademark for use and registration in the U.S. across a broad range of sources. Learn More »

Trademark Watching

Safeguard your valuable brands and domain names from potential infringement with expert global watching services and solutions. Learn More »

Insights & Outlook

Thomson CompuMark is committed to keeping you updated on the latest trademark industry trends and topics. Explore our thought leadership through white papers, special reports and webinars.

How Technology is Impacting Brands

The Internet and social media give brands the ability to establish direct, unfiltered interactions with consumers across multiple channels. While this creates new opportunities, what are the potential implications for protecting brands in the digital age?
 Learn More »

Webinar: Protecting IP in the Age of 3D Printing

With 3D printing moving into the mainstream—enabling anyone to create three-dimensional objects—what does this mean for the future of IP? To learn how 3D printing is changing everything and how IP will be disrupted, watch this important webinar. Learn More »

Wearable Technology: Brand Implications and Strategies

The global market for wearable technology products is projected to exceed $30 billion by 2018. This creates tremendous opportunities and potential implications for brand assets. Explore the impact on trademarks, trade dress, copyright, and design patents. Learn More »

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