Case Studies

Collaboration Innovation: Getting Novo Nordisk and Local Agents on the Same Page

For Novo Nordisk, the challenges of managing trademark projects involving local agents in jurisdictions around the world has grown along with the company’s global expansion. How could they streamline their workflow to improve efficiency and accuracy? In this case study, learn how SERION® Online Collaboration transformed their process, creating a seamless online workflow across all jurisdictions, resulting in a 30 - 40% improvement in trademark clearance efficiency.


Improving peoples’ lives through innovation. That’s the lofty goal of Philips, a global leader in healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting products and services. When they wanted to improve and consolidate their IP protection processes, they needed a partner as innovative, strategic and trusted as Philips itself. After reviewing their options, Philips chose Thomson CompuMark. Find out why in a new case study.

Tradamarca maintains and protects client brands on-the-go

Tradamarca, a Swiss IP law firm, aids companies and individuals in bringing new brands to market. See how they use the Thomson CompuMark Trademark Analysis app for iPad® to increase their productivity and work more flexibly - both on and off hours.

How Novagraaf uses SAEGIS® and SERION®

European IP consultancy Novagraaf handles some of the world's most valuable brands. Learn how Novagraaf uses SAEGIS and SERION to spot potential trademark issues before they become costly problems, adding value for their clients.

Guarding the goal with customized protection

For a world-renowned Italian football club, safeguarding its valuable brand is as critical to success as defending its goal. To protect that brand in the rough-and-tumble social media sphere, the club’s IP counsel turned to Thomson CompuMark for a brand protection solution tailored to the club’s unique situation and requirements. Learn how we partnered with the firm of Buzzi, Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx (BNA) in Turin, Italy to deliver a customized trademark protection game plan.

Infographic: South Korean Trademarks by the Numbers

Driven by rapid consumer growth, and now the fourth largest economy in Asia, South Korea is providing corporations with an opportunity to increase business. What are the top trademark classes? Which companies are filing the most trademarks? Find out and learn more in our newest trademark infographic on South Korea.