Trademark Screening (SAEGIS on SERION)


Want to assess a trademark’s viability in specific global markets before you invest in a full search? Need to check the status of a mark or update your intelligence on a competitor’s brand? Do all this and more quickly and cost-effectively, with SAEGIS on SERION.


Screening made easy and flexible.

Choose the screening approach you need. Go in-depth with SAEGIS trademark databases. Or screen more than 200 countries at once with SAEGIS Identical Screening Search.


Perform a quick, cost-effective “knock-out” search for your trademark, prefix or applicant in more than 200 countries and registers worldwide. A Thomson CompuMark exclusive, SAEGIS Identical Screening Search covers trademark records published for the first time since 1976 with direct links to publication copies, plus current status information for the world's most commercially important jurisdictions. 

View worldwide coverage (Link to list of countries and regions covered)


Use the extensive SAEGIS databases to go deeper in select countries, uncovering detailed information. Access in-depth information, including trademark status and owner information for key jurisdictions worldwide including:  U.S., Europe, India, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Singapore.

Flexible Search Options

Conduct your own international screening search to meet specific objectives with SAEGIS Cusom Search or simply enter a search term and SAEGIS AutoScreen develops the search criteria for you.

Highlight goods

Highlight searched goods for faster review: When you search on specific goods, the words entered will automatically be highlighted in the goods/services list of the Hit Lists and Reports. 

Custom report templates

Allows you to pre-configure database selection options. Speeds up your workflow by saving time from repeatedly having to retype database selections.

Flexible reporting & exporting

Enjoy convenient online access to SAEGIS reports in your SERION Inbox. Easily export reports in Excel, Word or PDF formats, for easy sharing with clients or colleagues. 

SAEGIS on the iPad

Have an iPad? Use it to perform initial “knock-out” searches from just about anywhere, anytime. SAEGIS on iPad offers the full power of SAEGIS, letting you screen new marks whenever and wherever you want, saving reports to your Inbox for later access.