SAEGIS Custom Search

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Conduct your own international screening search based on your customized search strategy to meet specific objectives. Screen your trademark, find related TTAB Information, and look up a mark's owner more quickly and easily. Target your search by choosing from key commercial jurisdictions worldwide, Pharmaceutical data, Industrial and/or Domain Name data.




Screen the world with SAEGIS® on SERION®:  We’ve extended SAEGIS coverage to 186 jurisdictions around the globe—including markets unavailable from any other online source.

Streamline the way you review, analyze and report on search results.

SAEGIS Now Optimized for Mobile Devices

With SAEGIS’s new mobile friendly capabilities, you can now more effectively plan your day knowing you have “screen-on-the-go” capabilities at your finger tips. No mobile app required. Simply visit SAEGIS using your smart phone or tablet and start the screening process right away! 

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